What I believe...

It is truly never too late to start something new.
Our ideas are the seeds that instigate growth.
Communities are the result of good design and good design should come from the community.

The more we are willing to accept that we are not the same and embrace our uniqueness - the better our world will become. Somewhere along our path through life we lost the best part of what makes us individuals - our creativeness. We are not gingerbread men; people are not cut from the same mold. Why should we all be told to think the same, want the same, need the same in order to be happy?

Start wearing purple when others are wearing black. Walk the path on the left when everyone is taking the right one. Draw, write, read, sing, dance, blow bubbles, walk barefoot in the grass - do anything that uncovers the creative spirit that got buried under the years of imposed ideals of those who already lost their spark!

Champion individuality, celebrate clarity! Be authentic!

27 June 2008

the past few weeks...

it has been a while since i last posted anything, sorry. edgar and i have been moving at a fast pace, putting in 40+ hours a week on this project. we have explored the gift box concept, presented once [removed some walls], presented a second time [battled with ideas], we presented a third time [put some walls back]. the clients are positive and appreciate the work [so do we].

a week of fun work ... if only i could find a job that would let me do sketchup and render by hand ... if only

really starting on the finer details now ... check back later

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